Murchie's Tea & Coffee Shop in Victoria, B.C.

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This spring break we decided to return to one of our favorite places in the Pacific Northwest...Victoria, B.C. When traveling to Vancouver Island you must stop by Murchie's at teatime for some amazing desserts or one of their delicious sandwiches. Of course, a must have is one of their fabulous currant scones with cream and jam and a few mini pots of tea. The tea pots are small in size, so go ahead and try several different varieties. As an American, one of my favorite things is that your tea and desserts are served on a cute little silver've gotta love that!

Just one of their amazing cakes! The Marie Antoinette~Orange Brandy, sweetened cream cheese, raspberry sauce and vanilla sponge wrapped in rose marzipan. Sooo good that we couldn't say no! Click on link to see the complete list of delectable treats available at their shop in Downtown Victoria:

So much goodness in one shop! Just one of the many fabulous sandwiches they have available for lunch. Too many choices that you will have a tough time choosing just me, we sure did!

One thing I always pick up when I am in B.C. are sausage rolls. We do not have these in the stores in Washington where I live, so it is one of those special treats that I love to indulge in. Now, as everyone knows...sausage rolls are high in calories, so when I saw that the sausage rolls at Murchie's were made with turkey sausage I got excited. They must be low fat if they are made with turkey, right? I know, I know...let me have my

 Anyhow, like I said before, the currant scones ($2.50 Canadian) are AMAZING, so we took a box of ten back to the mainland along with two bags of cream and jam. Of course, one cannot leave the tea shop without buying some loose leaf tea and a box (or two or three) of their delicious scone mix. You get 2 oz of tea for $7.95 and their scone mix is $6.95/ box (Canadian).

 Everyone needs a box or two, or three...ok four is where I draw the Seriously though, they really are that good and very easy to make. Pair with some strawberry jam or lemon curd (they have a great one that they sell at the shop) and you will enjoy your afternoon tea all the more!

I cannot believe that we were able to control ourselves long enough to wait until we got back to Washington on the 1 1/2 hour ferry ride. As soon as we got home we broke out the cream, jam, and scones. Nothing better than a freshly made scone with all the toppings sitting on a sunny deck on is so good!