Piping a Flower on a Cupcake

step 1

Hold the cupcake in one hand as you pipe petals with your other hand. Use tip 125 and medium consistency buttercream, holding bag at 45° angle. Touch cupcake with wide end of tip, keeping narrow end slightly above surface. Turn cupcake slightly counterclockwise as you move tip out toward edge. Relax pressure as you return to base of petal, curving tip slightly upward to create a curved shape. Continue piping an outer row of petals on edge of cupcake. Angle the cupcake as needed.

step 2

Repeat with a second row of petals, slightly inside the first row.

step 3

Add a third row of petals slightly inside second row. Pipe tip 3 dot center or add, yellow Sugar Pearls for center.

Article shared from: www.wilton.com