Vanilla Bean Liege Waffles from Sugar Bean Bakers

Liege waffles...they are an amazing sweet treat. You might be asking yourself, what are Liege Waffles? Well, they are an adaptation of brioche bread dough, featuring chunks of pearl sugar (see information below) which caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked and give it s sweet crispy crunch. It is the most common type of waffle available in Belgium and prepared in plain, vanilla and cinnamon varieties by street vendors. These little bites of deliciousness are far and away beyond what we would consider a regular breakfast item. I had my first waffle at a place in Portland, Oregon called The Waffle Window.  After my first bite I was addicted to their amazing deliciousness. Sugar Bean Bakers shared an amazing recipe for Vanilla Bean Liege Waffles that you will definitely want to check out. Once you try one you will be hooked! 

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Pearl sugar, also called nib sugar or hail sugar, is a coarse Scandinavian sugar. It is able to withstand melting due to moisture or heat much better than other forms of sugar, hence its appeal for baking and decorating purposes. Gives your baked treats a crispy caramelized flavor. Check it out by clicking on link (10 ounces for $5.99)