Out of this World Home-Cured Bacon from The Ivory Hut and Michael Ruhlman

Last summer I was fortunate enough to sample some home-cured bacon from a friend.  I must say it was so much better than anything you could possibly buy at the store.  I love the fact that you can slice it as thin or as thick as you like depending on your preference and you can get creative and experiment with the flavors as well.  Today, I am sharing a recipe from The Ivory Hut and Michael Ruhlman for Home-Cured Bacon. Besides the seven days it takes for the curing process....this recipe is cinch to make since you finish it off in a warm oven for 90 minutes.  Be sure to make extra so you have enough to last all week because once you taste this you will be sorry you didn't make enough to last a month. To read more and view this and other amazing recipes from The Ivory Hut and Michael Ruhlman click on links: www.ivoryhut.com  www.ruhlman.com