Lightened Up Tortilla Soup from Clearly Delicious

In the wake of New Years resolutions–to lose weight, to eat right, or to save more money–I find that soup motivates me to achieve any of my targets this season.  Or, at least, warm my belly while preparing my body for some serious resolutions.  Today, I present readers with one of my all time favorite soup recipes: Tortilla Soup flavored with the spices of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine and the healthy (albeit filling) ingredients for a New Years resolution.  
Traditionally prepared in their more popular chimichanga American formats, Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes don’t always need to be heavy.  As much as I love thick bean burritos dressed in cheese or sour cream, I recognize that the Mexican cuisine perhaps offers some of the easiest ways to keep cooking healthy with its emphasis on corn, beans, and other fresh ingredients.
Since the staples of Mexican cooking are corn and beans, Tortilla Soup uses such popular ingredients in a format that’s equal parts hardy and light.  Corn chips garnish a robust broth where black beans, corn, and smoked turkey pack the broth with natural flavors.

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