Fantastic Paper Bakeware from Sur La Table

One of my favorite things to do is bake and share with my friends and family. Not so long ago I began seeing a new generation of paper bakeware on the market. There are some super cute paper liners out there, but the problem is that they discolor so badly in the baking process that you could barely see the designs on the paper. This is especially true if you make anything with chocolate. 

I love the newer disposable paper bake cups and loaf molds because there is no more pre-greasing, no more scrubbing pans, and no more dirty serving trays. The paper bakeware pans are made entirely of paper - simply pour batter into the paper pan, put directly into oven, and serve. The paper bakeware peels away, just like a cupcake liner. They are fabulous and I highly recommend them!

The loaf pans average about .30-.75 a piece and I buy plastic bags in bulk to slip them in and those average about .10 a piece. Tie it off with some matching ribbon (Michael's often has cute decorative ribbon on sale for 50% off)  and it actually ends up being cheaper for me to wrap up baked items this way than to buy a gift bag from Dollar Tree. Click on pictures below for a closer view.

Here's a super deal on Holiday Paper Mini Loaf Molds...$1.49 for 12.
Now that's an AWESOME deal