Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots from Recipe Girl

Last summer my daughter and I were at the Minneapolis airport waiting for her to catch a flight home.  We had an hour to kill, so we stopped by one of the many restaurants there for a quick bite.  Neither of us were very hungry and decided to just go with an appetizer.  We spied the bacon wrapped tater tots and decided to give them a try.  Oh....can I say that they were deliciously good! The tater tots had a cheesy center and then they were wrapped in a piece of bacon and fried....soooo not good for you! Recipe Girl created a baked version that is just as tasty.  The recipe still has the tater tots, cheese, and bacon....just not the extra calories from the deep fryer.  A great appetizer for football games and parties...everyone will be sure to love them!

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