Baked Eggs with Bacon and Thyme from Clearly Delicious

After sending out a call for bloggers who wish to share recipes on our site, I received many interesting responses.  After reviewing them I wanted to share some of the ones I thought stood out as being creative and delicious. Guest blogger Helana Brigman at Clearly Delicious sent me some amazing dishes to share with you this Saturday. I hope you enjoy them as much I as did!
This past week, I decided that what I really wanted for Christmas was to update and organize my spice rack.  Baton Rouge is host to a variety of specialty stores, small farms, and fresh produce stands, and I consider myself lucky to have freshly grown kale, Gulf seafood, and olive oil and herb stores at my disposal.  Whenever I get low on spices and herbs, I instantly make a trip to Red Stick Spice Company on Jefferson.  Red Stick sells herbs, rubs, olive oils, and teas in bulk replete with a super friendly staff and a charming atmosphere.  Conveniently located, Red Stick is close enough to Whole Foods, my hair dresser Shannon, and the new Latte e Miele location that I can make several rounds with just one trip. I’m ashamed to say, but my spice rack was beginning to look pretty pathetic.  I was running out of everything I use regularly (Oregano, Parsley, Orange Peel, and Thyme), and I couldn’t find a cinnamon stick to save my life.   In my experience, herbs and spices always seem to run out together…kind of like when you run out of all of your cleaning supplies or bathroom products simultaneously.  It just happens that way.
Since I absolutely cannot live without Thyme (it’s the number one ingredient I use in most savory dishes), I had to fill up my pathetically empty bottle from home.  Fortunately, for those readers who live outside the BR-area, Red Stick ships from their website as well, and you can take advantage of their excellent selection online.
For this recipe, I chose a simple baked egg that’s insanely easy to make and perfect for when eggs sunny side up are just a little bit boring.  I made this broccoli gratin the night before (recipe coming next week) and used some leftover roasted florets to fill the ramekins.  Dressed in freshly grated Parmesan, crisped bacon pieces, salt, pepper, and a little bit of Thyme, these Baked Eggs have a beautifully simple body that’s slightly gourmet. Clearly, this is one Christmas present that’s going to good use.
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