Tasty Bacon & Peas with Orzo from 80 Breakfasts

You know how I value me-time. In fact, I stand firm that it is the most unselfish act you can perform. When you take care of yourself and treat yourself to a special time that is just for you, to relax, recharge, or just buy a pair of pointy-toed fuchsia shoes without comments, you are actually doing the world a favor. Yes you are!  You are making sure that you cultivate the most good-natured, thoughtful, and sane version of yourself to interact with other humans. Really now, who can fault you for that?

And any me-time, should also have me-food. French toastNutellapancakescream sauces,chocolate, bone marrow, fancy-pants food in tiny but painfully pretty portions, a bowl of truffle mac n cheese as big as my head, bacon/egg/mayo sandwiches. And peas. Yes, peas! For the most part, at least among those I see often, I am alone in my pea-love. But I don’t let that hamper my passion. I simply enjoy them on my own.

To read more and view this delicious recipe from 80 Breakfasts click on link: www.80breakfasts.blogspot.com