Homemade Puff Pastry Broccoli & Bacon Quiche from Test 4 the Best

I love broccoli and the small touch of bacon makes it super tasty! Believe me, we made this in class and even those not veggie-friendly absolutely loved it! For the quiche cream I often use fresh cream rather than milk for a creamier result (more like crème brulée rather than flan) but it can feel too dense sometimes. So, this time I've substituted some for sour cream with excellent results. The truth is that there's not much quiche cream in the quiche as it is packed with the broccoli itself which takes up most of the space, so the setting cream merely acts as a binder, but with the touch of sour cream, or it could all be crème fraîche, it gives a still creamy but lighter feel. I hope you enjoy the quiche, and specially that you learn to make this simple but awesome pastry for any other uses you like!

To read more and view this delicious recipe from Test for the best click on link: www.test4thebest.com

* In the recipe it calls for 'strong flour" this is simply bread flour, which means it is high in gluten. Below is a conversion chart for the ingredients as they are listed in grams. if you are short on time you could also purchase a premade pastry dough or a premade shell. Hope this help :-)