Garlic Cheese Pull Apart Bread from Thirty Handmade Days

I have friends who have never made homemade bread or rolls because the idea of working with yeast scares them to death! They love a fresh loaf of bread or pan of rolls right out of the oven but the thought of having to work with yeast stops them in their tracks. Isthat you or someone you know? Well, if you are that person or you know that person, today’s recipe is for you or them so please share. Now everyone can enjoy a fresh batch of homemade yeast rolls. I promise. Not only are these yeast rolls but they are covered in butter, garlic and cheese. Who could resist!? Yeah, butter, garlic, cheese and fresh baked rolls. Heaven. Today I’ve got step by step instructions on how to create the most amazing, garlicy, cheesy, gooey yeast rolls you could ask for. The best part? They use frozen roll dough. Yeap – frozen! Everyone can do this.

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