A Pound of Memories...Great Grandma Julia's Poundcake from Della Rose Living

My great Grandmother has always been an inspiration to me in my life. More so now as an adult now that I’m a wife and mother. I named my first child after her and knew that I always would. Julia. Has such an old feel to it and I have always loved the way it rolls off my tongue. Her full name was Julia Della.
Grandmother had a wonderful sweet tooth! You hear people say ‘a horrible sweet tooth’ but I like to think it is a wonderful thing not a horrible thing. She loved to bake but in her later years Grandma, her daughter, would make the cakes for her. She always had two in the fridge at all times and would cut a piece a show dog couldn’t jump over for dessert after lunch AND dinner.

She had two Pound Cake recipes but this one is by far my favorite! I have added my own little touch to it that I think she would enjoy and wouldn’t mind that I have done so.
To read more and view this amazing recipe from Della Rose Living click on link to visit their page: www.dellaroseliving.com