What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers...4 Delicious Recipes

After all the cooking and cleaning of Thanksgiving is over, you likely will not want to cook anymore. Thanksgiving leftovers do not have to be complicated recipes. You just have to get creative! We have a few suggestions to get your Thanksgiving leftovers out of the fridge and recreated into new dishes.

Kabocha Pasta Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Kabocha Turkey Pasta

Mix turkey and pumpkin into this Autumn-colored pasta dish that is rich in protein and flavor. It’s a quick weeknight meal, but it also makes for a great appetizer course at a fall dinner party.
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Turkey Wrap Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Turkey Salad Roll-Ups

Make some healthy turkey salad roll-ups with this delicious lunch recipe. Leftover roasted turkey is mixed with creamy mayonnaise and Dijon mustard then wrapped up in a whole-wheat wrap with a healthy smear of cranberry sauce.
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Pesto

Turkey Cranberry Pesto Salad

PBS Parents says the key to incorporating any type of leftovers into a delicious meal is to use it in a completely different way than the original dish, such as this Turkey Cranberry Pesto Salad.
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftovers Wild Rice Salad

Turkey and Wild Rice Salad

Use Thanksgiving leftovers as an opportunity to teach kids about not wasting food. Encourage kids to help cook this turkey and wild rice salad recipe to practice safe knife skills under supervision.
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
Recipes shared from: www.pbs.org