Thanksgiving Leftovers Eggs Benedict from Closet Coooking

I was quickly making my way through my roast turkey leftovers, enjoying some turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and some turkey Cuban sandwiches, when I remembered that there was one other thing that I wanted to try doing with them and luckily I still had just enough left. Last year some time shortly after I had finished all of my turkey leftovers I had come across the idea of Thanksgiving leftovers eggs benedict on the Del Frisco's menu by chef Thomas Dritsas and it sounded like a good way to enjoy some of those leftovers. This recipe is pretty simple given that pretty much everything is leftovers that simply need to be heated and the only real thing that you need to do is poach a few eggs. Within a few minutes I had my 'eggs benedict' and I have to say that smothering the already amazing Thanksgiving dinner flavours in a runny egg yolk works really well! (Feel free to throw in any leftover stuffing or mashed potatoes that you may have lying around.)

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