Sticky Bun Pancakes from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

Speaking of having your mind set on something, these pancakes are a good example. I have seen everyone doing the cinnamon roll pancakes and that is well and good but given the choice between a cinnamon roll or a sticky bun I am going the route of the sticky bun. I had seen people put sticky bun sauce over the pancake but I wanted the pancake actually cooked in it. So there became my challenge. These are half cooked in one pan and then moved to another pan so that the batter side can cook in the gooey sticky bun sauce and have the pecans get into the dough…just like a sticky bun. Luckily for me it worked…beautifully I might add! These were insanely good and best served warm as the sauce does harden as it cools like regular sticky buns. If you are a sticky bun fan…make these. 

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