Smoky Habanero Jalapeno Popper Bread from Sarah Sprague

One of my favorite local wine bars (Shut it!) here in Los Angeles shares an open kitchen with their sister restaurant next door. One night over a bottle of pinot, I watched the chef make this enormous jalapeno popper panini with about two pounds of white cheddar and a dozen jalapenos for the grilled cheese night they were hosting. Watching her slice jalapeno after jalapeno, I couldn’t wait try to make a similar cheesy bread at home.
My first attempt was a disaster. Way too much mild cheddar and cream cheese –  most of which ended up sliding off the bread, and surprisingly, not enough heat from the jalapenos. Next time around, halved the amount of cream cheese, added some smoked cheddar to compliment the heat of the peppers, used sharp cheddar for the salty tang of cheese and mixed in a few habaneros so it would have some kick. Perfection. To read more and view this terrific recipe from Sarah Sprague click on link: