Simply Delicious Breakfast Tacos from Total Noms

I am a big fan of breakfast. I am definitely not one of those people who skips the first meal of the day- even if I have to scarf down a bowl of cereal at my desk at work.

One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is a fried egg sandwich. When I was in high school, my mom taught me how to make them simply with toast, cheese, and perhaps a pan-seared tomato on top. Today, I love them on a bagel, bread, or any other yummy carb!
If you have spent any time around me in the last few months, you know that my latest obsession is tacos. Carnitas, chicken, pescado, al pastor- you name the type, and I am there. So I figured, why not make my own taco, breakfast style?
These are SO simple and cheap to make, and very filling. Lots of protein, lots of flavor- you can not go wrong! 
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