Simple Savory Pancakes from Savory Bites

We often think of the common pancake as smothered in syrup. Many enjoy it with fruits, confectioner’s sugar, and even chocolate. But why not savory? I’ve found that even though I may try to incorporate fruits into the traditional pancake, I need to load it up with butter and sugar in order to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thus, I developed a simple recipe that allowed for vegetables, making one of my favorite foods much healthier.
The base is solely made of eggs, milk, and self-raising flour. In this particular recipe, I added onions and the pictures will show one made with spinach. Adding any type of vegetable should be fine as long as the vegetable is cooked first so that it becomes limp. You can even eat it plain with some ketchup. To read more and view recipe visit Savory Bites by clicking on link: