Oh My Word! Broccoli Cheddar Soup Grilled Cheese

 Is there anything more comforting on all of planet Earth than a steaming hot mug of broccoli cheddar soup? And is there any better excuse for eating an entire bowl of of what amounts to little more than hot, melted cheese? It’s the go-to order when you are in a bad restaurant, the sure-fire safety net that satisfies every time, no matter how high or low-end the establishment. We simply had to try and translate this classic into grilled cheese form.

My first thought was to make a quick cheese sauce, and bathe the broccoli in it, but I worried it would get too messy when we tried to grill it. Melted cheddar didn’t seem like it was going to have the thick richness reminiscent of soup, so we also added a thin layer of cream cheese. It warms and melts ever so slightly, adding a lush creaminess to the sandwich. The broccoli, onion, and garlic is quickly sauteed, until just cooked but still crisp, in a splash of chicken broth to impart a bit of the chicken flavor you expect from the base for this soup. The hot, crusty, freshly-baked bread was a great textural addition, and the bacon? That was a last-minute decision designed primarily to horrify my doctor.

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