Mmmmmm...Turtle Pancakes from Total Noms

Have you ever had turtle chocolates? They are really popular in Canada, where I went to university. Basically they are chocolate-dipped pecans, usually with some caramel or something else delicious inside. They are amazing, and now that they have started to make their way into the US, every time I see them I can’t help but think of my time up in the great white North.
One day I was feeling particularly nostalgic for college so I made these pancakes. You see, my friends and I were huge about brunch in college (who am I kidding, I’m nuts about it still). But my favorite memories of mornings spent with friends were those at my friend Jill’s apartment, who would make me (and whoever else was awake enough to stumble by) banana pancakes. Warm, fluffy and perfectly cooked pancakes, topped with quality Canadian maple syrup. Are you hungry yet?
Well these, my friends, are banana pancakes with a twist. A turtle twist! Delicious chocolate chips, crunchy pecans, and slices of fresh bananas make these a batch of pancakes you won’t forget… and don’t forget the syrup!
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