Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Curd & Fresh Raspberries from Wine Imbiber

One of our family’s favorite brunch recipes is Bobby Flay’s version of lemon pancakes. I’ve been serving these for New Year’s Day brunch every year since I discovered the recipe. The day just wouldn’t be as festive without them (or the champagne, of course)! I use lemons from our Meyer lemon tree, which makes them ridiculously delish.
This recipe calls for both the juice and zest of one lemon, so the lemon is nicely utilized. Combine that with ricotta cheese and you have the perfect combination of tangy/sweet and light/moist. In fact, they don’t even need syrup. The lemon curd drizzle (or downpour, in our case) and sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar is the perfect compliment to these. The fresh raspberries are a must (don’t bother with frozen)! Fresh blackberries, blueberries or even strawberries (key word: fresh) work well, too. We have tried them all, and the raspberries always win hands down for their perfect flavor contrast. 

To read more and view this delicious recipe from Wine Imbiber click on link: www.wineimbiber.com