Homemade Pizza from French Logic

I love pizza. I really love pizza. Not just any pizza, though. It has to be 'real' pizza. Pizza from a national chain is not real pizza. Pizza made by a guy named Salvatore, who can simultaneously manage a 4 deck oven, a crowd of high schoolers waiting for slices, and a line of tickets for to-go orders is where you get real pizza. 
- OR -
If you are like me, and no longer have a guy named Sal just around the corner, you learn to make your own pizzeria style pizza. It has taken me years to get the dough, sauce, oven and topping ratio correct. {Yes, there is a 'correct ratio' of toppings to crust.} I struggled with the stretching technique more than anything. Now I twirl like a pro. Perseverance has its rewards. Start with my time tested dough recipe, and maybe, just maybe, someday I will let you have my sauce recipe. Maybe.

To read more and view this amazing recipe from French Logic click on link: www.frenchlogic.com