Homemade Nutter Butter Cookies from Cookies and Cups

There is no reason to make these cookies.  No reason at all.
Honestly, Nutter Butter cookies are perfection in their current, packaged gloriousness.
Ask my husband, he’ll tell you.
He is way more fond of boxed-mix-cake than the from-scratch variety, he likes his pizza dough from a can versus the homemade alternative and while he LIKED these Nutter Butter-substitutes, he could care whether I took the time to make them, or if I just opened the plastic packaging.
He’s a weirdo.
But since we all know who’s the brains of the operation over here I will tell you that while Nutter Butters from the supermarket are good, these are REALLY good.  And they’re soft, so they kind of win by default.
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