Easy Taco Scramble

Tacos are a favorite meal for entertaining at our house – kids, grandparents, men, women and the occasional yellow lab – who doesn’t love a taco?  And I am always thrilled if there are leftovers.  With on-hand cheese, tortillas, salsa and other fixings, a taco, taco salad or quick quesadilla are just an easy, microwavable minute away!
Our newest compilation, however, takes our favorite party leftover taco filling to a different part of the day –breakfast!  This is my husband’s favorite, so although technically a breakfast dish, at our house Taco Scramble also makes regular appearances at lunch, brunch, and from time to time, even dinner (with a nice tossed salad).  It’s so fast and easy – you can even scramble the eggs in the microwave! To view this and other delicious recipes click on link: www.rock-ur-party.tablespoon.com