Creamy Coconut Cheesecake from Easy Baked

Chewy layers of coconut covered in dark chocolate cheesecake make this dessert irresistible!
A few months ago I made coconut macaroons- yum.  I love coconut.  I kept thinking that the macaroons would be good with chocolate.  I used Nestle’s new Dark Chocolate Morsels in a Triple chocolate cheesecake  a few weeks ago and decided then and there that the dark chocolate cheesecake would be perfect with the coconut macaroons.  I didn’t get too creative with this recipe- I just used the coconut macaroon recipe and spread it in the bottom and used the dark chocolate cheesecake recipe over the top—-fingers crossed and YUM!  It worked wonderfully! To read more and view this recipe visit Easy Baked click on link: