Chicken Verde Taquitos from The Secret Life of a Chef's Wife

My goal: to con­vince you that mak­ing these tooth­some lit­tle tacos is no more dif­fi­cult than going to the store, buy­ing a box of frozen, and pre-heating the oven.  If I could just make you believe that all you need to do is make the chicken fill­ing in advance, leav­ing the rolling and fry­ing for right before din­ner time, then maybe, just maybe, you’d fry up about 40 of these babies and feed them to your fam­ily. Or an army. Or maybe feed­ing your fam­ily is like feed­ing an army. Or maybe you just appre­ci­ate left­overs. (Believe me, even re-heated in the microwave these beat the heck out of fast-food fare.)

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