Chewy Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Our most recent leg of our vacation was to Las Vegas for the Garth Brooks charity in which we are involved. We were able to meet some of the kids that the foundation helped out which was awesome.
We were put up in style at the Wynn hotel. All I have are 2 words for you: hospitality suite. The hospitality suite was a suite that had access to computers, snacks (not mention the drawers of candy bars), and drinks for anyone that was part of the charity for the down time between events. As you know I have a hard time saying no to free treats so every time I left the hospitality suite I had at least two of their freshly baked pancake-sized cookies. I had good intentions of saving them for later up in my room but they never quite made it past the elevator ride. That happened more times than I would like to mention. I’m not sure at what point my husband started calling me me the Cookie Monster but I can’t deny that it was a name that I earned. What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.
Since I can’t share with you the cookies I had in Vegas…and believe me I wish I could share some of those calories I consumed…I wanted to share one of my favorite cookies of the summer. This cookie dough is the bomb. The toasted coconut adds a great texture and flavor. These are unbelievably chewy and melt in your mouth. The lime flavor is so refreshing! 
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