Caramel Creme Cinnamon Puffles from Lick the Spoon

There are some flavor combinations I could never get over. Coconut and lemon, chocolate and orange, sugar and cinnamon, or that never tiring, ever fresh strawberries and cream duo. Alright, I believe the strawberry theme has been overdone on here of late, and this one soon is to be also. Why can’t I stop using custard? Just about everything goes with custard! And now that I have proudly perfected the little rascal, I am in fits of indulgence eating it all the time, and dreaming up things to put it in or on or amongst.

Now the other day and lovely lady asked me what the devil to do with a bottle of caramel essence. It reminded me of last week when my husband and I came across chocolate essence in the supermarket and we both laughed. What on earth would you want chocolate essence for?
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