Amazingly Delicious...Panko Crusted Shrimp Lollipops with Ginger Soy Caramel Dip from White on Rice Couple

This dish is so versatile, you can use it with just about anything. We also made this panko dish with chickenand squash, for a vegetarian option. Japanese Panko bread crumbs gives fried foods and awesome, crispy, crumbly texture. There’s always at least a bag of panko in our pantry as back up because when we need a last minute dish, anything with panko is always a hit! Give panko a try, you’ll love it! The marinade for the soon-to-be-fried-goodies is optional. If you are serving them with the Ginger Soy Caramel Sauce, we recommend not to marinate the shrimp or squash, so that there is more contrasting flavors between the shrimp and the sauce. 

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