A Great Idea for Turkey Leftovers...Cranberry Basil Turkey Sandwich from The Lemon Bowl

It’s a little embarrassing that I only recently discovered homemade cranberry sauce but let me tell you, I am loving every single ruby-red bite! In fact, I’m having just as much fun using it to add a bright, tart and subtly sweet flavor to everything from oatmeal to pork tenderloin.
Since I already shared my kid-friendly Orange Cranberry Smoothie, I decided to give lunch some love with a Cranberry Basil Turkey Sandwich.  The natural choice is leftover Thanksgiving turkey but I plan to enjoy this beauty year-round with shredded rotisserie chicken or shaved beef tenderloin.
To read more and view this delicious recipe from The Lemon Bowl click on link: www.thelemonbowl.com