2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies from Cookies and Cups

Yep, we’re going with another 2 ingredient recipe today.
2 ingredient Pumpkin Cookies.
What can I say, I love a theme!
This one came from a comment left on my Soda Can Cupcake post…
The commenter (Corrie Alexa) said if you combine a Spice Cake mix and a can of pumpkin you can make a cake.  WHAT THE?!?
I woudn’t have believed it a week ago, but after my soda and cake mix experiment, I won’t put anything past the magic-ness that is boxed cake mix.
Another bonus to the 2 ingredient thing is that it’s lower in fat, which apparently people are all concerned about fat and calories these days, so yeah…
To read more and view this delicious recipe from Cookies and Cups click on link: www.cookiesandcups.com