What’s Your Favorite Dip?

From Gluten Free Confessions

Dips are a great appetizer to bring to any event. There are so many great combinations and flavors out there, its hard to decide what to bring! With summer almost over and the fall approaching (aka- season of festivities) now is a great time to get your dip recipes in order! Collect some new ones, or try a few kinds that you’ve never had before. I think the most common dips are spinach, hot artichoke, and bean dip. They are all super delicious, but I love when someone brings something that is outside of the box and different. The reason I have been thinking of chip dips lately is because I was reading a Real Simple Magazine and in an article they featured 10 different and unique chip dips! I thought that I had to share on the blog because a) its eye candy and b) we could always add to our chip dip recipes right? I made a chart using their chip images (kind of how they laid it out in the magazine). I put the names below as well so you can go to the recipe link listed below the image.
Not all the crackers that are recommended for dipping are gluten free. That is where you can substitute veggies, or corn chips, or potato chips. Be creative!

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