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Next time you’re planning to make bacon and eggs for breakfast, why not bake them on top of pizza? With mozzarella, bacon, eggs, and lots of fresh herbs, this dish is a whole new take on eating pizza for breakfast. The recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen.

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When asked what I would change about this when I make it again, I drew a blank. I actually like it that much the way it is. Nevertheless, the bacon could of course be omitted if you're bacon-averse, countless toppings could be added from spinach to mushrooms or sausage, you could swap some or all of the mozzarella for goat cheese and you could swap out some of the flour in the crust for whole wheat flour. Although the recipe as is makes two large pizzas, I think it would be fun to make six smaller ones with one egg each in the center — plus, friends could choose their own toppings. So "drew a blank" = okay, I have a few ideas. But I'm pretty sure I'll be making this exactly as written next time.

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