Bacon-Cheddar Scrambled Egg Nests

I always get in a breakfast rut during winter.  The mornings are much-too-cold to serve up a bowl of cereal.  But, the house is much-too-cold to drag myself out of bed earlier than neccessary.  So, we’re stuck with a few fast-fix options to feed the family.  Pancakes. Fried eggs.  Standard stuff, really.   And such was what we were eating until last week when we pulled together a few simple ingredients and made these yummy little Bacon-Cheddar Scrambled Egg Nests.  They were super simple, and full of my family’s favorite breakfast flavors– biscuits served with scrambled eggs sprinkled with bacon bits and slathered in a creamy, cheddar cheese sauce.  Looks like we’re out of the breakfast rut for a while.  This is one meal we could eat twice a week (at least!)

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