Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream Sandwiches


6 unfrosted chocolate cupcakes

2 - 3 cups chocolate chip ice cream

1-10 ounce jar maraschino cherries, drained and chopped (1/2 cup)

1/3 cup chopped pecans, toasted

1/3 cup seedless raspberry jam


Slice cupcakes in half horizontally. Place cupcakes on a tray or baking sheet lined with waxed paper. Cover with waxed paper; freeze for 1 hour. Line another tray or shallow baking pan with waxed paper. Using a miniature ice cream scoop (#60, about 2 teaspoons), place 18 to 24 scoops of ice cream on prepared tray. Cover with waxed paper; cover and freeze for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, in small bowl combine chopped cherries, pecans and jam.

For each serving, place cupcake bottom in a dessert dish. Top with 2 to 3 scoops of ice cream. Top with cherry mixture, cupcake top and remaining scoops of ice cream. Makes 6 servings.

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