Stuffed Pork Wontons


1lb ground pork (or chicken)
1 can tiny shrimp
1 egg
1 C scallions
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 pkg wonton wrappers
1 small glass or bowl of water


Preheat your deep fryer to 350. If you are using an electric skillet, pour enough oil so it rises up your pan about an inch. Actual amounts will vary depending on the size of your pan.

Fit your food processor with chopping blade. This does a good job at mixing things as well as chopping. With the top removed, toss in your meat. If you can’t find ground pork or if you choose to not use this, ground chicken works just as good. I’ve made it with ground chicken once when our local store was out of pork. Do not blend yet. Drain your shrimp and add to meat. Chop up scallions and toss in as well. Lastly, add in your egg, salt and pepper. Blend well, stopping every 10 seconds or so to scrape the sides of your bowl and toss it around.

When your ingredients are nicely blended together, transfer mixture to a clean bowl. You will now need a small cup of water, a plate and your wonton wrappers.

Taking one wonton wrapper, hold it in your hand spread open. Place a small ball of your meat mixture into the center of wrapper.

Fold wrapper in half over the ball to create a triangle. Dipping your fingers in water, wet the open edges of your triangle.

Now take the outer two points and fold in to the top point of your triangle wrapper. Place on your plate and continue until you have used up your meat or wrappers, whichever comes first. You can also do a batch at a time and if you have help this is definitely doable. I usually fill a dinner plate with stuffed wontons and then begin frying, as one batch is cooking I work on making more wontons. It’s totally up to you if you want to make them all first or do it as you cook.

When your oil is ready, carefully drop in wontons. Only add enough so they all have a tiny bit of swimming room. You don’t need huge gaps but you don’t want them right on top of eachother because they’ll stick together as they cook. If using a deep fryer, cook for 3 minutes shaking up the basket after 1 minute. If using an electric skillet, cook for 3 minutes flipping halfway. Using tongs, carefully transfer to a bowl lined with paper towels.

Give these a few minutes to cool off before biting into them. They will be extremely hot.

These work well as leftovers just be sure to refrigerate and eat within a few days.

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