A Snow Day is a Great Time for Babycakes Donuts!

I was a bit skeptical about whether or not a gadget similar to a
 waffle iron could really make a decent baked donut in under 6 minutes...

To my surprise, the donuts were light and flaky on the inside
 with just enough of a crust on the outside...

My first batch...just letting them cool for a moment before taking
a bath in the cinnamon & sugar or semi-sweet chocolate.

True to the recipe....one batch really does make 3 dozen little donuts.  
I made a double batch, so now I am really in trouble...lol

Letting the chocolate to set up after getting a coating of sprinkles!

It took about an hour total from the time I made the batter to 
the final batch being made.  Time to finally sit down with a cup of tea
 and enjoy one of these fabulous little baked donuts!

Here's the link to the site for all of the recipes or if you want to 
check out the cost or pick up one of these little wonderful gadgets to own.
Happy Baking!

Link to Amazon: