Quick and Easy Chicken Katsu

Much like its close cousin tonkatsu (pork), chicken katsu is basically fried chicken cutlet coated with crispy Japanese panko (bread crumbs), served with a tonkatsu dipping sauce, which you can purchase from Japanese or specialty food stores. To make my chicken katsu extra crispy, I always coat the chicken with two layers of panko. You can’t go wrong with this trick as the end result is a piece of fried chicken cutlet with shattering crispiness! This recipes makes 2 servings, so multiple ingredients for the amount of servings you wish.
1 large boneless and skinless chicken breast
½ teaspoon salt
3 dashes black pepper
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
1 ½ cups Japanese bread crumbs/panko
Oil for deep-frying
1.  Slice the chicken breast horizontally into two slices. Cut each slice into 2 equal-sized pieces. Season with the salt and black pepper. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.
2.  Heat up a pot of cooking oil for deep-frying. Ideal temperature is about 350 degrees.
3.  Dip each piece of the chicken into the egg whites, then immediately coat it with the panko. Shake off the excess.
4.  Dip the chicken into the white egg again, and then coat with the panko for the second time. Make sure that the chicken is evenly coated with a thick layer of panko. Repeat the same for the remaining chicken pieces.
5.  Once the oil is fully heated, gently drop each piece of the chicken into the pot and deep fry until both sides turn golden brown.
6.  Dish out the chicken onto a plate lined with paper towels. Cut the chicken into thin strips, and serve immediately with steamed rice and tonkatsu sauce.