Tasty & Sons

When we pulled up to the restaurant there was one long line that stretched along the block.  We were wise enough to send two folks from our group ahead to get our space in line for 11.  The seating was quick and we were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable server. The interior is cozy and inviting.  One thing I was excited about was the butcher shop located at the back of the restaurant. They make their own meats from the dishes they serve that include spicy delicious sausages, lamb, smoked meats, and pate.  Something I didn’t know was that at this restaurant: the food is generally served “family-style”. Most of it is designed to be split, and items don’t necessarily come out at the same time. A really fun way to try a bunch of delicious food items at the same time.
One of the first items that caught my eye on my first visit was “the breakfast board”.  The selection was larger than I expected. The items on the board rotate, but it often includes a halved hard-boiled egg, beets, plump dates, small strips of bacon, a wonderful creamy pâté, crostini, lots of soft bread, homemade Lebneh cheese, and seasonal berries ($7).

“Auntie Paula’s” French toast, with strawberry-maple and thick whipped cream. The bread is thick and soft, not soggy/oily. The topping varies depending on what is in season ($5/$10).

The toast & jam is wonderful. Thick soft bread, teleme cheese (a California cheese, somewhat like brie in texture), and a smear of jam pair nicely as a side to any of the larger plates. Another terrific pairing are Erin’s sweet biscuits with warm berry compote and honey butter. Slightly sweet, flaky – a must have breakfast selection ($6). We also tried the golf-ball shaped homemade chocolate-potato donuts. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but they were quite light, slightly sweet, and had tiny chunks of potato in the dough. An accompanying crème anglaise adds moisture ($1.50).

The cast-iron frittata with roasted cauliflower, olives and caramelized onion and Parmesan is wonderful, the piquant olives giving an unexpected flavor against the slightly crispy cauliflower ($7). The asparagus was slight crisp and not overly cooked.  A slight smoky flavor from the bacon went nicely with the vegetable. The eggs ran over everything making a lovely sauce ($8). There is a delicious hash on the menu, Moroccan chicken with spicy crème fraîche & over-easy egg. When the yolk breaks, the egg runs down and mixes with everything making a nice sauce ($10).
Life is short….enjoy every minute! -Miranda