Tin Shed Restaurant

Tin Shed Restaurant-A great place for food and fellowship!

Terri, Judy, Cheri, Me, and Stacey

The Tin Shed is an Alberta Street classic. Brunches are incredibly hearty with lots of eggs, potatoes, gravy, and all the other things you get up in the morning for. The rest of their offerings include: decadent burgers, creative sandwiches, homemade soups and salads pastas and more.

Potato Cakes with Rosemary Gravy and Buttermilk Biscuits...Yummy Deliciousness!

There are many factors that make this place so popular here are a few: vegetarian friendly, kid friendly (everything on the kids menu is $2) pet friendly (they even have a doggie menu), a gorgeous covered garden patio with a central fireplace. Crowds flock here for all these amenities, so prepare to wait on the weekends.

Stuffed Breakfast Burrito with Cheesy Grits

If you get there by 8:30, you will more than likely be seated right away.  When we left at 10:30, there was a line that stretched down the sidewalk...so be early if you want to be seated quickly ;-) 

Looked so good that two of the ladies ordered the breakfast scramble
with asparagus,garlic, bacon, tomatoes. 
Comes with a side of potato cakes and a buttermilk biscuit.

Service was terrific....really friendly and upbeat. You could tell the food was made from scratch...just simply delicious!
Breakfast scramble with mushrooms, zucchini, onions, sausage, cheese and eggs. 
Topped with rosemary gravy...tasty!

A really laid back, realxed atmosphere that you will love.  I recommend this restaurant to all of my foodie friends out there!