Gravy....located on Mississippi right in the heart of restaurant row!

Gravy restaurant located on Mississippi in Portland is a great place if you like huge portions, delicious food, and great service!  It was unbelieveable the amount of food you are served.  You may want to plan on sharing unless you have a very, and I mean VERY, big appetite.  Arrive early and don't plan on being seated right away.  We got there around 10:45 and signed up on the list.  We were not seated until 11:25. 
Though the wait was long, it was well worth it!  We took a menu and sat outside. You can even get your cup of coffee while you wait to help pass the time.  We sat at the bar (it's not really a bar, but that's what they call it) and enjoyed the view.  We were watching the cooks make the incredible breakfasts. 
 The serving size for the hashbrowns fills an entire medium sized frying pan! 

(Cook flipping the hashbrowns...check out those flames from the oil...scary!)

The hashbrowns are perfectly browned and with a crunchy crust. 
 We initially wanted to order biscuits and gravy. We figured since the name of the place was "Gravy" that we should try it.  They have a vegetarian gravy that looked very good, but we finally decided to try something else on th menu.

I ordered the Turkey, Ham, and Swiss French Toast Monte Cristo served with 
 two over easy eggs, hashbrowns, and maple syrup..oh my goodness! Keep in mind that these plates are the size of small platters, so the food is bigger than it looks here.

3 Huge Fresh Blueberry &Pecan Buttermilk Pancakes with warm
Maple Syrup and 3 pieces of Apple Smoked Bacon.

These pancakes were the size of large dinner plates! Staci could only finish one pancake with her bacon. As  result,  she took the rest home for round After everything was said and done...the Monte Cristo French Toast won....and I could not eat another bite.  I ate half of my meal and with Stacey's assistance we were able to finish the hashbrowns. This meal was literally enough food for two adults or one very large linebacker!
I give up!!!

This is the place to go for a great breakfast with friends. Only warning I would give is to come early and get your name on the list the second you get there.  Every meal coming from the kitchen looked delicious with each one looking better than the last! We were both anticipating what our own meal would look like.  Neither of us were dissapointed.  The service was friendly, food was delicious, and the portion sizes were straight up ridiculous! Like I said before, the only down side was the long wait.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we didn't mind sitting outside to wait.  Well worth the trip.  Will have to make another trip to visit some of the dozens of interesting restaurants located on the same street.  Two thumbs way up!