It was great day at Arleta's Library Bakery Cafe!

Arleta's Library Bakery Cafe

What a beautiful sunny morning to go out to breakfast with some wonderful ladies.  We decided to beat the rush and get there when the doors opened at 8:30.  By 8:25 there were already 15 people waiting in line.  The space is very small, but cozy.  We were greeted by warm smiles and quickly seated.  Many of us had already looked over the menu, so it didn't take long to decide what we wanted.  From our table I could see a waitress cutting into a pan of freshly baked blackberry coffee looked divine! Did I forget to mention that they make all of their own baked goods?


The ladies were served their "Stump Town" coffee as we chatted away the time waiting for our delicious breakfasts to be prepared. After taking my first bite, my taste buds were bombarded with a mixture of savory and sweet flavors.  The gravy was perfect...not too salty or greasy.  The library fries were a nice change from the normal hash browns that are normally served at breakfast. And to add just a little more deliciousness to our meal, our server brought us some of their homemade ketchup and strawberry jam...yum! The zesty homemade ketchup was a perfect match to these perfectly seasoned potatoes. I didn't have any of the jam, but all the ladies agreed that it was wonderful!

As we passed around samples of our breakfasts, I had a bite of the spicy Italian sausage that was blended with just the right amount of Italian herbs to give it a nice kick! I also had some of the batter dipped brioche that was griddle fried and served with whipped honey butter and maple syrup. I have to say that it was so good that it didn't need the maple syrup. I used it to catch the last remnants of the rosemary sausage gravy from my plate. Delicious!
Arleta's is a great place for breakfast. It has a casual, relaxed, homey feel.  Like going to grandma's house....right down to the Corelle yellow patterned dinner plates and coffee cups.  The company was great, the prices are reasonable, food was delicious, service is friendly and courteous...what else could you ask for? Two thumbs up!

Arleta's Library Bakery Cafe
5513 SE 72nd @ Harold, Portland, OR, 97206
(across from the Mt. Scott Community Center)